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Our beautiful tri-colored puppies are now 4 weeks old.










We’re planning our 2012 spring litter.

Dam: Trail Blazer “Bess”

(click on link to Bess’ page on the right for more information)

Sire: Glimmercroft “Blaze”

(click on link to Blaze’s page on the right for more information)

The breeding was chosen to preserve the traditional temperament and working traits known to the classic original breeders of English Shepherds. These puppies will make great farm and family dogs. They are wonderful working dogs, property guardians, good with children, wonderful companions for those with an active lifestyle, and as hiking and trail companions. These pups will be highly socialized in our family of nine which includes seven children varying in age from toddler to teenagers, young and old adults. If you’re interested in a puppy, please complete the puppy application and send it back to us. We are located in Albany, Oregon.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Terri Wise says:

    I just love these dogs and truly would love one of your puppies, when will you be having another litter and how do I apply for one? I assume you can ship them to other areas of the country, I live in Dallas.
    Yours are the prettiest ones I have seen.

  2. Vickie Barton says:

    We sent in our application to The English Shepherd Club and are reading everything we can get a hold of about raising a working Shepherd. We are also researching goat breeds so we can purchase a mini-herd for a future Shepherd to work. We are so looking forward to a puppy (if all the stars align :+) in 2014. Vickie Barton at Honeyhill Farm

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