Puppies Available 2016

10 puppies were born February 13, 2016.
5 males and 5 females. This litter is the “Scientist Litter,” named after famous classical scientists.  They will be smart puppies!

Puppies at almost 5 weeks old


Puppies at 2 weeks old

Marie:Marie 2 weeksweb

Beatrix Sparkle:Beatrix Sparkle 2 weeksweb

Adele:Adele 2 weeksweb

Blaise:Blaise 2 weeksweb

Lucia:Lucia 2 weeksweb

Einstein:Einstein 2 weeksweb

Jeanne:Jeanne 2 weeksweb

Archimedes:Archimedes 2 weeksweb

Newton:Newton 2 weeksweb

Galileo:Galileo 2 weeksweb


Puppies at 5 days old


One Comment Add yours

  1. Patti McIntosh says:

    Do you have any puppies or young dogs available?

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