Maddie/Koda litter

10 puppies were born February 13, 2016.    All these pups have gone to their new homes.
5 males and 5 females. This litter is the “Scientist Litter,” named after famous classical scientists. They will be smart puppies!

Socialization and Park Time

During the last week and a half or so that the puppies are in our home, we like to focus on car rides, outings to new places and socialization.  Almost daily, these puppies are taken out to meet new people.  Here are some photos:

 Puppies at 8 weeks

Adele 2jpgJeanne 8 weeksjpgNewton 8 weeksjpgMarie standingjpgLucia 8 weeksjpgGalileo 8 weeksjpgEinstein 8 weeksjpgBeatrix Sparkles SitjpgArchimedesjpg

Puppies at 6 weeks

We took the puppies to the park today.  They enjoyed seeing a new place and meeting a family with three children.  This was the puppy’s third ride in the car.  At the end of our visit, the puppies all climbed in my lap and under my legs to get warm and take a nap.  There were 10 in the bed, all fast asleep! 

Adele 6 weeksjpg
Archimedes 6 weeksjpg
Beatrix Sparkles 6 weeksjpg
Beatrix Sparkles
Blaise 6 weeksjpg
Einstein 6 weeksjpg
Galileo 6 weeksjpg
Jeanne 6 weeksjpg
Lucia 6 weeksjpg
Marie 6 weeksjpg
Newton 6 weeksjpg
Renee at park with pups sleepingjpg
10 pups all fast asleep

Puppies at almost 5 weeks old


Puppies at 2 weeks old

Marie:Marie 2 weeksweb

Beatrix Sparkle:Beatrix Sparkle 2 weeksweb

Adele:Adele 2 weeksweb

Blaise:Blaise 2 weeksweb

Lucia:Lucia 2 weeksweb

Einstein:Einstein 2 weeksweb

Jeanne:Jeanne 2 weeksweb

Archimedes:Archimedes 2 weeksweb

Newton:Newton 2 weeksweb

Galileo:Galileo 2 weeksweb


Puppies at 5 days old