Puppy Talk!

The delight of raising puppies is hearing about the joy that they bring to their new owner’s lives.  Here’s what Marley’s family thinks about her:

“I had to share this photo from yesterday morning – Marley is doing so great and is such a sweet girl!  Her brindle is really showing up now, even under the tail and the inside perimeter of her ears.  She is growing quickly, of course, and is eating just fine – loves her treats and her chewies like bully sticks and cow tails, lamb ears, and rabbit sausage.

She has started training and is so easy thus far.  Reliably she knows sit, down, and come, both verbal commands and signals and we are working on fetch and stay.  She knows off and leave it, but we fortunately don’t have to use those very often!  She is doing amazing on leash heeling with Marco, we go for walks up to 10-15 minutes now and get many compliments on how cute and well behaved she is!

Puppy socialization class starts next week, one night a week.  She has had daily opportunities to meet strangers, strange dogs, new sights and sounds, and she is quite comfortable in new environments or being approached by new people.  Mostly, she will approach new people with tail wagging when given the chance to go to them first.  She likes to bark and growl a bit when playing with other dogs, just trying to assert her position!

Crate training and potty training have really been a non issue, we just keep the same basic routine going (eat,potty, play, potty, sleep!) she is very reliable at going potty when we ask her to.  Happy to go in her crate when we need her to, and sleeps well all night in her wire crate in my bedroom.

We couldn’t be happier with our choice and you did a wonderful job as matchmaker!



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