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  1. Jennifer Kuehn says:

    Just got your facebook message. I got to meet a few of the your pups at the E/S gathering. I met the three from Sydney’s litter. (Minx, Dutchy & Luke) One from Lucy’s litter. (Rigby) And one from Bess. (Oscar) Koda sire’s nice pups! What was Oscars puppy name? I am 99% going to get a pup from Connies repeat breeding (Syd & Koda). The 1% is if Syd doesn’t actually have pups. 🙂 What characteristics do you see that Koda passes to his pups? I have never had an E/S so I ask lots of questions. LOL I have had rough and smooth collies all my life. But have become very very interested in the E/S. Any light you can shed or info you want to share is always welcome.
    Jennifer Kuehn

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