Fox Hill “Lexington”

Lexi and puppies 1 week web

Lexi standing April 2016 web

Lexington is a tri-colored female that we purchased from Marriane Dwight of Fox Hill English Shepherds.  She is 21 inches tall at the shoulders and about 48 pounds.  PennHip Left: 0.37, Right: 0.44, 60th percentile in the breed above the average for the breed.  She is highly social with people, soft-natured, sweet and affectionate, intelligent, playful and biddable.  She is not a dominant dog, on the submissive side with the other dogs, but very responsive to her family and affectionate.  Lexi is our twelve-year-old son’s 4-H dog and has been trained by him.

Lexi Sitting pretty April 2016 web

Lexi sitting.jpg