Trail Blazer “Koda”

Trail Blazer Koda stands 21” tall, 50 lbs, OFA hip score: excellent, MDR1 normal.  DOB: 12/14/2006. He is Purple Ribbon* Registered with UKC.  Koda was bred by Neil Boykin of South Carolina.  Koda’s dam is “PR” Boykin’s Panda (Amelia/Trout/Ward/Dunn lines) and his sire is “PR” Boykin’s Buddy, (Wilson/Ward/Dunn lines.)  Koda shows good herding instinct and has been tested on sheep and cattle. Koda is very biddable, gentle personality, affectionate, loyal to family and guardian of family and property. Koda enjoys hanging out with the family while they work and play around the property. He enjoys hiking with the family and relaxing in the home.

*Purple Ribbon = UKC Purple Ribbon ‘PR’ Bred Pedigree for dogs with at least six generations of known ancestors and all 14 ancestors in the last 3 generations registered with the UKC




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  1. She is a pretty female dog. I have some Guy Wilson blood line in my dogs. The picture of all the dogs on the porch the b/w on the far left looks a lot like my Little Guy.

    1. Hello Bill, It’s great to hear from you. I’ve admired your dogs for quite some time now. I’m glad that you enjoyed the photos of my dogs. Your dogs are wonderful as well. And I like their pedigrees. Thanks for visiting my website! Best regards, Renee

  2. Marti O' says:

    Hi Renee, Wanted to let you know that the son out of your Koda and Snowy Rivers Sydney is the most wonderful dog ever. His personality is wonderful. He is now 2 yrs old and has matured nicely. He weighs 58 lbs. Everyone that meets Hank just loves him.

  3. Nicola says:

    I have a puppy from the Koda and Dora litter in England, he is called Max and is 15 weeks old. Will let you know how he progresses!

    1. Hello Nicola, Thank you for letting me know about Max. I look forward to hearing about him and how he is doing. I’d appreciate updates and photos. Thank you so much for writing!

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