Trail Blazer “Hawk”

Hawk is a tri-colored male, PennHip .17 right, .19 left, among the highest scored hips in the breed, above the 90th percentile!   Hawk is a puppy from our kennel.  His mother is Snowy River’s “Bess” and father is Trail Blazer “Koda.”  Hawk’s temperament is similar to his mother Bess in terms of being highly affectionate and loving.  He is similar build to his father in stature and protective of family and property.  Hawk lives with another family on 5 acres in Lebanon, Oregon.  He is mainly a family companion and property guardian, keeping unwanted predators from getting into the chicken coop.  Hawk is well trained, loves playing fetch with the children in the family and has quite a few tricks in his bag which the children have taught him.  Hawk is available for stud.


HawkHawk with ball in mouth