Trail Blazer “Jill”

Jill is a highly biddable, intelligent female with outstanding structure, speed and agility. Jill is highly connected with her handler, obedient and intuitive. She leased trained easily as she does not pull on the leash. She is sensitive to direction and adjusts her behavior appropriately to the situation as necessary. She is slightly on the smaller side at about 19 tall at the shoulders, 40 lbs, but very strong bone and build. Birthdate: July 11, 2015 PennHip: Right .30 Left .35 well above average in the breed, Genetically clear for all diseases tested in the breed which includes Collie Eye Anomally (CAE), Degenerative Mylopathy (DM), Multi-drug resistance (MDR1), Progressive Retinal Atrophy/Rod Cone Disorder (PRA/PRCD) Jill has great pedigree. Jill’s mother is Trail Blazer Maddie and her sire is Cash – A.K.A. Husted’s Tribute to Johnny Cash.

Pretty Jill standing web

Renee & Jill Pumpkin