Trail Blazer “Maddie”

Maddie at the Beach 2

We are delighted to own Maddie, a female from the Bess x Blaze liter. Maddie’s outstanding characteristic is her bidability! Maddie works and plays to please! She pays attention to her handler, makes good eye contact and has high intelligence which means she is quick to learn. She is gentle with the children and poultry! She is incredibly lovable and affectionate. She is watchful of the property, checking out strangers carefully, but also enjoys making new friends. She enjoys playing in the water and fetching the ball or stick. We are pleased with her healthy, strong physical structure. Her PennHip scores are right: .34, left: .39.  Produces healthy intelligent puppies with nice temperaments.







Espen and Maddie


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Don & Shirley says:

    Thanks for adding a picture of Maddie on your site. She really is a neat dog, we enjoyed our visit with all of them, but Maddie does seem special. She should have some beautiful puppies.

  2. Don & Shirley Drum says:

    Just looking at all the new puppies, had to go back & take a look at Maddie, Hannah-Holly looks so much like her & has so many traits like her Mama. We are well pleased with our selection!

  3. Sarah Todd says:

    Looking for a puppy.

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