Puppy contract


If you are interested in a registered English Shepherd puppy, be sure to get your application and deposit in soon.

I have published my own book, Blazing the Trail to Bringing Home Your Puppy, which I will send to every family who places a deposit on a puppy.  This book is written from more than a decade of English Shepherd experience to help families get ready to bring home their puppy and raise it with success.  Most of your questions should be answered in the book.  It is my delight to help families have as wonderful experience with their English Shepherds as we have had with ours.  We also recommend contacting a positive puppy trainer in your area for early puppy training class and instruction.

Puppies will be handled daily and are socialized in our family of children and adults.  Early training will be established with potty training begun at 4 weeks.  Puppies will be introduced often to outside socialization and stimulus.  Between 6 1/2 and 7 weeks, the puppies will be taken to other safe locations for meeting new people and children.  This early socialization prepares them for the outside world.  You may come to visit the puppies as they are growing and we are happy to answer questions with you on the phone or in person.

First set of puppy vaccinations are given at 6-7 weeks.  Puppies will have been wormed 3-4 times.  See application for more details.





12 Comments Add yours

  1. Bruce Olson says:

    We are very interested in your new puppies. I have not been able to open the puppy contract docx at work, and will try opening it on my home computer tonight.
    We live in the Wenatchee WA area. We have been looking at English Shepherds for awhile.

    Bruce & Shelly Olson

    PS – Is the ad in the Capital Press yours?

    1. I have re-inserted the puppy contract in a format which will be more user friendly for more people. Please try opening this again and contact me if I can be of further assistance.

  2. betty foreman says:

    I am unsure if I am supposed to print the application and mail it to you? I can’t seem to fill out the forms on line so maybe there is a trick I don’t know?

    1. Hello Betty, Yes you will need to print it and fill it out by hand. Then mail it to me via snail mail. Thanks. Renee

  3. Jessica Wheeler says:

    Hello, I had a question. When will the puppies be ready to come home? And how much is the deposit?

    1. I believe the puppy contract is saved using a rich text file. This should open up with any Microsoft word and possibly other programs as well. I just emailed you a copy of the contract in case you are having difficulty accessing it on my website.

  4. Jessica Wheeler says:

    I’m sorry, I was having trouble opening the puppy app, but I managed it. I see how much the deposit is. I would just like to know when the puppies would be ready to go home.

    1. I sent you an email reply. I hope that you receive it.

  5. Jim M says:

    What program does one use to open the puppy contract and application?

    1. Jim, Did you get the information that you needed? I sent you an email. Please let me know if you received my email.

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