Puppies due June 2018

We are expecting a litter of puppies towards the end of June 2018. This litter will be between our female Maddie and male Connor.  Maddie is 43 lbs and tri-color.  Her temperament is outstanding.  She is highly intelligent, makes good eye contact, very attuned to her handler, wants to obey and please, comes consistently when called, very gentle on-leash and doesn’t pull, leaves good space between herself and handler so she is not a tripping hazard, loves to work and help us out on the property.  She is very affectionate, loves to hike, hunt for rodents, play fetch, swim in the pond.  Connor is our tri-colored male who is a gentleman in all regards.  He is very gentle, calm, meets people and other dogs in a polite friendly manner, also very easy to train and is highly biddable.  We love that Connor is very socially adaptable and very mannerly when meeting new dogs and people.  He is an all around easy keeper.   These two are going to have some very wonderful puppies.  They are both tri-colored dogs but have other color genes as well.  The pups should be tri-colored and black/white.  I already have five applications on this litter and are getting a lot of inquiries so if you are interested, I recommend that you put in a deposit and application soon.  This litter is going to go fast.        Contact Us




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